Facial Access Totem

The ultimate solution in access control

Managed entrance control through accurate temperature and facial monitoring enhances staff, visitor and customer confidence in their being in a safe workplace and business environment. ASK Global has extended its product range of payment and transactions kiosks to include this innovative and technologically advanced Facial Access Control Totem. 

Offering a complete solution in ACCESS control the vertical column totem demonstrates your commitment to protecting all persons who enter your establishment. 

  • Measures temperature from the face and the body and will give a green or red “alert” if the set level is exceeded. 
  • Can print a ticket confirming you are clear to enter. 
  • Will count people in and out to manage numbers of entry and exit. 
  • Wifi connected and can be connected to other applications. So it could link to a database for authorisation (as required). 
  • No data is stored on the Totem itself to comply with GDPR.
Facial access control totem
Facial access control totem
Facial access control totem

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