Plus Kiosk

For cash, tickets, cards, bets and currency exchange

The Plus kiosk offers an extensive range of options for Operators in all sectors of the Gaming lndustry. Ticket redemption, cash handling, coin and note recycling are all available configurations with the Plus kiosk.

Fitted with a dual denomination banknote recycler the Plus accepts all banknotes and the two programmed denominations re-load the two drawers in the recycler whilst the others are placed in the stacker together with the gaming tickets. Supporting the banknote recycler the kiosk has a note dispenser which is able to dispense up to 5 different note denominations with a total capacity of around 2500 individual notes.

Coin handling may be an important requirement with the Plus able to operate 3 single denomination or multi denomination hoppers, including combinations which enable tickets to be paid in the exact amount down to the last cent/pence. There is also a system for inserting coins via a convenient bulk feed tray; it accepts, validates and sorts coins into three high capacity belt driven hoppers. Coins that are not programmed for the hoppers are rejected automatically whilst the others are channelled to re-fill the hoppers used for dispensing. Re-filling the hoppers from the coins inserted and from recycling two banknote denominations ensures that only a small starting stock of change is needed when installing the machine, guaranteeing an incredibly efficient performance.

Full system validated ticket redemption is standard in the Plus kiosk range. The kiosk is also equipped with a bill breaker function and can change large denomination notes into smaller denoms notes or coins. The change denominations can be chosen by the Player with a convenient 15″ Touch screen which makes transactions simple and intuitive. If winnings exceed the limit accorded by law, as an anti-money laundering measure, the kiosk does not allow cash payment transactions. In this case the kiosk is able to use an attached device which can dispense cheques/receipts for the amount needed following the authorisation of a recognised operator badge.

Opening the main door is controlled electronically and can only be activated on recognition of an authorised personnel badge and can also include a time delay as an extra anti-theft security measure. Access to the menu can also only be authorised on recognition of the designated operators/owner and various levels of access and functions can be set. In addition, operator badges can be used as a card that can be loaded with a capped amount of money that the authorised operator can then be dispensed from the machine. The machine can beconnected online and can be managed and controlled remotely through a website or an extremely easy to use smartphone App. The Plus kiosk has a classic design which ls especially designed with consideration given to ergonomic heights for inserting and dispensing money. Its plexiglass cover on the front door panel can be customised with various colours and logos.



  • Banknote recycler and ticket deposit with stacker
  • 3 belt driven single coin denomination hoppers or multi coindenomination hoppers
  • 15″ Touch Screen
  • Change denomination options
  • Banknote dispensing system, from 2 to 5 denominations
  • Bulk coin deposit system
  • Fast coin validation and sorting (oround 8 corns per second)


  • Reinforced device frame: 2.5mm thickness
  • 1O steel fasteners on the main opening
  • Wall or ground fixing options
  • Dual locking system
  • External coin refilling


  • Coins: around 5,000 pieces in total between 3 hoppers
  • Banknotes and tickets inserted, 600 in stacker (higher capacity stockers available as option)
  • 200 Banknotes recycled, two denominations with 100 notes per denomination
  • Banknotes for payments, up to 2500 pieces (5OO notes per drawer) in addition to 200 in recycle


  • lndustrial PC platform
  • Banknote recycler and ticket deposit with stacker
  • Fast dispenser
  • Fast sorter
  • 3 belt driven single coin denomination hoppers or multi coin denomination hoppers (optional)
  • Card reader for machine opening and access to Menu
  • Fujitsu banknote dispenser from 2 to 5 drawers with a capacity of500 notes per drawer (optional)
  • Azkoyen coin counting Hopper
  • Printer
  • PC for validating VLT tickets
  • VLT Ticket reader
  • Cheque Printer (optional)
  • UPS


  • Weight 180 kg
  • Dimensions 59 cm x 48 cm x 170 cm

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