Quick and easy ticket purchase

Introducing the PINTO (Payment In, Ticket Out) – the latest addition to our range of payment kiosks.

Using the latest ‘PIN on Glass’ technology, the PINTO enables Owners and Operators to accept contactless or PIN card payments, offering simple and quick purchase of a ticket for any product or event in any type of location.

  • The PINTO reader display is fully configurable allowing video and hot keys/buttons to be used to enhance the purchase experience
    • Operator can set fixed or percentage fee, as required
    • Daily individual card limit can be set
    • Individual transaction limit can be set

  • Its versatile compact design allows the PINTO to be wall mounted or placed on a dedicated pedestal, both available on order

  • The PINTO is available with a roll printer or fan fold printer

  • A 19” display can be fitted to the PINTO offering advertising and marketing opportunities yet still retaining its small footprint

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What is PIN on Glass Technology?

PIN on Glass is the term used to describe point of sale solutions where the cardholder’s PIN is entered on a glass-based capture mechanism. This enables merchants to accept card payments without the need to purchase a separate card reader. Instead, the merchant only needs to download a software application.

This technology is a game-changer, especially for small and micro-merchants, saving them the cost of purchasing devices whose sole purpose is to accept payments, and offering more robust security. As such, it is expected that PIN on Glass will encourage more merchants to accept cards and digital payments.

How does PIN on glass work?

There are two main types of PIN on Glass solutions:

  1. Approved Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Device (PCI PTS) approved hardware-based point of interaction (POI) devices built on a mobile device platform and using the touch screen for PIN entry.
  2. Solutions meeting the PCI SSC’s Software-based PIN entry on Commercial Off The Shelf devices standard (SPoC on COTS solutions)

The first solution relies on hardware-based PIN entry and protection, through PCI PTS approval of specific mobile device platforms. The second solution offers software-based PIN entry and protection, on devices that meet the SPoC Standard, for use with any mobile device.

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