Pool table payments

Dual Pay – Cash and Card all-in-one Solution

Low power contactless reader

  • Commissioned by ASK Global
  • Sits in idle mode awaiting wake up
  • Powers up for transaction only
  • Powers off after transaction
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Allows remote access to Smartpool Mk3 using Tele Box as a modem
  • New configs can be sent via 4G
  • Smartpool logs can be received via 4G

Battery charging kit

  • High performance intelligent charger
  • 8 to 10 hour overnight charge
  • Provides min 30 to 45 day supply without recharge
  • Charger connects to mains power via 5ms retractable lead
  • Low carbon gel battery
  • Up to 1000 charging cycles compared to 300 cycles of lead acid version
  • 5 year life compared to 1 year of lead acid version
  • 90 amp and 105 amp options

Smartpool Mk 3 board and display

  • Battery Powered 
  • Choice of modes of play: Standard play (price per game), Rack Time 
  • Play (price per set number of minutes), Speed Pool – competitions 
  • Full Audit and printout with calculated commission
  • Bonus levels 
  • Discount periods (Happy Hours) 
  • Programmable messages 

Full online accounting and reporting for card transactions

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