Buyboxx Kiosk

Self service purchase and payment kiosk

Buyboxx is the new and highly efficient self service till recommended for any type of business that involves the public and wishes to offer its customers the option of making a purchase and paying in cash or with credit card for its products and services, completely autonomous, simple to use and secure.

Using an easy to use touch screen, customers can select products and the quantity and then pay by notes, coins or credit card. If a customer chooses to pay in cash the machine is able to give change either in notes or coins.

To keep the initial change stock needed in the reinforced safe compartment of the till to a minimum, the coins paid into the machine for purchases are the same coins used by the machine to give change and the machine works in the same way also for two banknote denominations. This self service device actually accepts all banknotes and while two denominations which are selected for dispensing change refill the payment drawers, the others are kept safe in a convenient stacker drawer.

As soon as a customer has completed a purchase transaction and payment, the machine issues a receipt which can also be a tax receipt if businesses wish to manage their taxation directly through the machine, or a non fiscal receipt which customers show to the member of staff who will give them the products or services purchased. An order, once paid for, can also be used in any other workplace belonging to the same company, whether a kitchen, a bar or a product collection point.

Buyboxx therefore enables businesses to have a completely automatic sales point which avoids till queues, offers customers the whole range of products that are on offer via its large touch screen monitor, manages payments and change dispensing with no possibility for error, increases hygiene standards for those serving food and drinks by removing the necessity to handle money, and lastly keeps money safe inside a secure and reinforced safe box.

This machine, for security reasons, is equipped with a door with electronic,automatic and delayed opening (anti-theft measure) and opening, as per access to the menu, can only be authorised on recognition of the operator via their card (badge) and a password; various levels of access to the menu can also be set. Via an ADSL connection, the machine can be managed and controlled remotely using a convenient App which provides authorised persons with a series of data which accurately show the progress of business and the status of the machine itself. Buyboxx comes in an elegant and modern design with bespoke colours and any type of logo available for the front plexiglass panel.



• IPRO-RC recycler
• G13 Coin Acceptor
• Multidetational Hopper ITL
• Tax printer
• Monitor 27’’
• Can be used with or without management software
• Single introduction coin acceptance system
• Coin dispenser: 1 ITL multi-coin hopper with extension for larger capacities
• Card reader for ID recognition for opening and accessing menus


• Banknotes: JCM Ipro 400 banknotes in the stacker and 200 in recycling
• Coins: Approximately 1300 euro-coin mix and up to 2000 coins in the cashbox


• Reinforced device frame: 2.5mm thickness
• Electronically controlled Dual Locking system
• 10 steel safety fasteners on main door


• Banknote recycler: MEI 2 denominations
• Banknote recycler: JCM UBA RQ 4 denominations
• Barcode reader


• Weight 180 kg
• Dimensions (L)462mm x (W)377mm x (H)1865mm

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