Auto Cashier

Automatic cash register for payments and managing change

The Auto Cashier is designed to accept automated cash payments including contactless, notes, coins and tickets. It is able to return the exact change and a receipt in any type of retail property thus increasing efficiency, reporting control and security. The standard version can be connected to any existing till/POS and software management system. The advanced version of Auto Cashier can act as a standalone till system if no on-site till management system is available and can be connected to a printer for reporting outputs.

Auto Cashier is equipped with a fast bulk coin acceptor, allowing multiple coin denominations to be ‘poured’ into the easily accessible coin chute and rapidly counted. The coins are held within the machine to give exact change to the customer as required. Auto Cashier can also be configured to accept all denominations of banknotes. Multiple notes can be inserted into the note validator slot. These notes are held within the machine to give change to the customer as required.

Contactless can be used to complete the full transaction up to the allowable country limit with no PIN entry and no change required. All transactions are mirrored to the customer on the front screen 7″ display, while the retailer is processing the customer’s purchases.

In food and beverage establishments, added hygiene safety is maintained as the retailer does not need to handle the notes and coins during the entire transaction. This also saves valuable time as the retailer does not need to stop the food/product preparation to handle cash.

Access to the cash within the kiosk is regulated to authorised personnel only. All transactions are monitored and reported, preventing loss of cash revenue. Access is via a unique and innovative security key system: remote access control using a smartphone and online app allows for authorised ID recognition. User profiles can be configured for different levels of access to the kiosk and its reporting menus.

Auto Cashier can be connected via the internet for all reporting, warnings and alerts, access control and cash float balances. Auto Cashier is available in multiple colour schemes and the front cover can be customised/branded for multiple retail outlets. The machine can be mounted on top of a counter or mounted at counter height.

Watch the Auto Cashier in use at an ice cream shop



  • Coin acceptor with acceptance speed of 6 coins per second
  • 1 multi-denomination coin hopper able to handle all coin sizes
  • Note and ticket acceptor with 2 banknote recycling
  • Contactless payment compatible
  • Receipt ticket printing
  • Remote control access for business management via the mobile app
  • No contact with the coins and notes required – security and hygiene


  • Armoured cabinet: 1.5mm
  • High security multi-point locking security key system
  • Dual locking system with electronic release via app
  • Can be integrated into the sales counter
  • Can be bolted onto sales counter top


  • Coins: up to 1300 coin mix + 2000 coins in the overflow cashbox
  • Banknotes: up to 200 banknotes in note recycler and 400 in the note stacker


  • Fast coin acceptor
  • Multi-coin dispenser
  • Banknote reader and recycler
  • Contactless reader pad
  • Wide range optional printer
  • Ticket reader for promotions
  • QR code reader for promotions (optional)


  • Weight 35 kg
  • Dimensions 30.4 cm x 36.7 cm x 56.3 cm
  • Full UK Sales and Support team


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