Encrypted WiFi Solutions

ASK Global delivering advanced secure WiFi ecosystems for all types of venues


For all of ASK Global’s projects, security is a priority: of the infrastructure, the data and the solutions implemented. Today, identity protection and information protection is vital. We perform regular audits and checks on the processes to detect and block intrusions through the wireless network. We require our devices to deliver the highest levels of quality and protection. Our encrypted, secure WiFi solutions will deliver great value for your business.

  • Proven solution already installed in numerous venues World Wide
  • Solutions for Casinos, Slot Halls and Arcades, Sports Betting shops and Bingo Halls
  • Comprehensive WiFi solution for your business; interconnecting machines with WiFi and offering Customer hotspots
  • Distribute your HD video using our WiFi devices, no need for added cabling
  • Full audit and accountability with data capture analytics
  • Multiple VLAN networks in the same environment
  • All machines, terminals and redemption kiosks can be connected by WiFi
  • GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) and Deloitte certification.
  • WAAS Option: Wi-Fi as a service.
  • Active Monitoring
  • 24×7 Support. SLA

Ask Global is proud to work in partnership with Density Networks – the industry leading encrypted secure wifi ecosystem provider across the globe.

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Encrypted secure WiFi ecosystem solution

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